Washdown sets

A must for all Dairy Farmers - from 15 gpm sets to 200 gpm sets. Installing a new parlour? Give us a ring to discuss a water system.

High volume washdown set

Water sundries

Why not give us a call for your alkathene, fittings tricoflex, lay­flat pipe, armoured cable - we are very competitive as we buy in bulk and pass on these benefits to you.


Irritgation, dirty water, and slurry

We can supply low volume irrigation/D.W systems tailor made for your needs. Also for contractors and larger farms the Rovatti TLK can really shift slurry.

Dual booster farm system


We supply a wide range of replace­ment pumps for all water and dirty water uses. Submers­ibles, chopper pumps, centri­fugal, screw & stator - agents for a wide range of supp­liers;

  • ESPA
  • DAB
  • FOS
  • MONO
  • TT
  • Plus many more
PTK Pump