Ultraviolet sterilizers

A water supply with bacteriological contamination is usually treated using ultraviolet sterilisation. Allpump Services are specialists in ultraviolet disinfection and have been installing systems for many years.

How does UV disinfection work?

The disinfection unit comprises an enclosed chamber with an inner sleeve of high purity quartz, which contains a germicidal (shortwave ultraviolet) lamp. Water passes through the chamber and is subject to the UV light which shines through the quartz sleeve.

Shortwave ultraviolet destroys the genetic structure of micro-organisms, therefore bacteria or viruses in the water exposed to the UV light will be destroyed.

Ultraviolet light is one of the safest ways to disinfect water since it does not use chemicals and therefore cannot be overdosed. Also, it doesn’t affect taste.

Performance and Quality

UV disinfection units are rated according to the transparency of the water, flowrate and level of bacteria kill.

UV disinfection units are ideal for domestic well and borehole supplies.

All domestic systems have a flow restrictor to ensure the unit’s capacity is not exceeded. Our units are also rated for effective disinfection, even at the end of lamp life (lamps should be changed every 12 months).

Do not assume that alternative UV units are equal in reliability or can achieve satisfactory disinfection levels throughout lamp life.

Important: all of our units comply with international minimum dose standards.