Borehole drilling

What else on the dairy farm will pay for itself in 18 months or less? Why not invest your single farm payment in a borehole system.

What you get with All Pump

  • a professional drilling company
  • factory slotted liners to BS standard
  • liners screw fix together for a flush fit
  • gravel pack & sanitary seal
  • quality bore hole pumps
  • concrete manhole & heavy duty lid
  • water filters for most water analysis
  • water diviner and hydro geologist availability
  • tailor made systems for farms, domestic and other applications such as caravan sites
  • very competitive prices
  • back-up service
  • no water, no fee
  • free estimates
  • price watch

Pump and Borehole Cleaning

We are also distributors for BoreSaver Ultra C; a pump and borehole cleaner far more powerful than competing products.

Boresaver Ultra C contains both natural and organic ingredients. These remove the iron oxide deposits from the pump and borehole without the expense oflifting the pump.

Boresaver Ultra C is safe for use with most materials including stainless steel, seals, and fittings whether rubber or plastic and flexible rising mains both rigid and flexible.

With its unique composition, BoreSaver Ultra C is clearly superior at penetrating into the finest nooks and crannies of the pump and bore.