Waste water treatment


Allpump Services plan, install, and maintain a range of waste water treatment solutions across the UK.

A system we often deploy is the "Solido" produced by Premier Tech Aqua. Please find below more details about their product along with links to their site and a PDF copy of the details.

The Natural Solution
Domestic Wastewater Treatment


A simple and professional solution for domestic waste water treatment.

The SOLIDO treatment plant draws upon SBR technology to better manage the treatment process required to clean wastewater.

SBR stands for “sequence batch reactor”, in essence, it treats the water in batches rather than constantly. The result of this batch process is much lower power consumption, very high treatment efficiency and much less risk of shock from extra usage (a party or guests staying for the weekend for example).

The SOLIDO uses no filter material or rotating discs. This is a huge benefit in the long term as there is no risk of blockages and never any need to replace filter material.

The SOLIDO is perfect for domestic houses, but also highly suited to commercial buildings like pubs or restaurants due to its ability to manage peaks, and fluctuating usage.

EN12566-3 certified, and treating water to a higher level than required by current UK standards. It is better for you, and better for the environment.

Inconspicuous Design

There are many sewage systems on the market today, but the SOLIDO is the only one that has been designed with both the end user and the installer in mind. Impact on your garden is minimised during installation, and we regularly see systems being fully installed within a day or two.

Because no concrete has been used, the installer can clear up and make good of the ground far faster and easier than a system designed from a GRP tank.

With the SOLIDO, there are no dome lids, or large vent pipes and the blower is housed under our walk on lid. The fresh air intake can be hidden up to 10m away from the treatment plant.

A true step forward in domestic sewage treatment.

Manhole cover

Reduced Noise Pollution

The blower is housed in a sealed capsule under our dual skinned lid, once the lid is shut, no noise from the blower can be heard at all.

You can enjoy those peaceful summer evenings again without the constant humming sound of your treatment plant, hardly knowing it is there at all.

Easy, Fast and Professional Installations

Waste water treatmant plant

The SOLIDO is made with 8mm thick, ribbed polyethylene. It is the strongest, most robust system on the market. It is a professional product for professional installers.

Because of the extremely robust tank, no concrete will ever be needed for the installation. The installer can put the system in the ground faster, safer and cheaper than other systems. A huge benefit to you and the installer. Furthermore the SOLIDO is so robust it can be installed in a driveway (with appropriate steel cover).

Benefit from years of experience


Your quality assurance guaranteed

World leader in onsite and decentralized wastewater treatment, rainwater harvesting, stormwater management, liquid storage and pump stations, Premier Tech Aqua (PTA) specialises in the design and manufacturing of innovative and durable products for the residential and municipal, commercial, community, institutional and industrial markets.

Offered as ready-to-use, mobile or built on site, the proven solutions of PTA are available to the North American, European and Asian markets. Each product is supported by a rigorous program of inspection, maintenance and follow-ups meeting the most stringent requirements of environmental protection.

Technical diagram
Installation demonstration

Energy Efficient

As the blower is near to where the air is needed, less power is used! In fact, our system is rated at 0.65kwh per day, based on a family of 4 (half of most systems on the market). Also, being adjustable, it can be set to however many people are in your property, keeping energy consumption to the minimum it needs to be.

Cost Effective

The SOLIDO combines energy efficiency, with a small installation footprint and long component lifespan. Offering a very cost effective long term solution.

Innovative Technology

Using batch processing the blower isn’t running constantly when it isn’t needed, as with other systems. This means it is more economical, prolonging the life of all component parts.


The Solido uses the same blower as used in hospitals (selected for its reliability). By housing it in a sealed, waterproof capsule in the shaft, it is always at a stable and optimum temperature (most blowers are broken by temperature fluctuations). The compressor is fed by a fresh air intake hose, ensuring its lifespan.

Saving in Time & Money

Our 8mm thick, ribbed polyethylene tank is so structurally sound, it never needs concrete to install, whatever the ground conditions are! Why pay for a concrete base and concrete backfill when you can invest in quality!

Access point

Why go anywhere else? PTA offers:

  • Products designed for a lifetime
  • Highest quality, more reliable products
  • Latest technology, driving standards up
  • Reliable equipment backed by guarantees
  • Reliable, qualified installation partners
  • Pre and post sales support
  • EN12566-3 certified

Technical Details

Data sheet (Standard scope of delivery with cone and VS 20)

Treatment plant Max Population Tank Dimensions (L x W x H) Standard invert
(from ground to inlet)
Order number
SOLIDO 3512 6 PE 1 x 3500L 240 x 124 x 220 cm 660-800mm KBMS3512
SOLIDO 4512 8 PE 1 x 4500L 307 x 122 x 220 cm 660-800mm KBMS4512
SOLIDO 6012 10 PE 1 x 6000L 340 x 122 x 249 cm 690-830mm KBMS3535
SOLIDO 3535 12 PE 2 x 3500L 2 x (240 x 122 x 215 cm) 660-800mm KBMS3535
SOLIDO 4545 16 PE 2 x 4500L 2 x (307 x 122 x 220 cm) 660-800mm KBMS4545
SOLIDO 6060 20 PE 2 x 6000L 2 x (340 x 122 x 249 cm) 690-830mm KBMS6060
SOLIDO 4445 24 PE 3 x 4500L 3 x (307 x 122 x 220 cm) 660-800mm KBMS4445
SOLIDO 6660 30 PE 3 x 6000L 3 x (340 x 122 x 249 cm) 690-830mm KBMS6660
SOLIDO 6666 40 PE 4 x 6000L 4 x (340 x 122 x 249 cm) 690-830mm KBMS6666
Technical diagram
Weight 180 kg 240 kg 320 kg
Length [L] 2400 3070 3400
Breadth 1240 1220 1220
Hzu 1400 1680
Ezu 660 - 800 690 - 830
E 460 - 600 480 - 620
Eab 710 - 850 730 - 870
Hab 1350 1630

The scope of measurements is determined by the telescopic sliding of the VS 20 over the cone. Deeper inverts and drivable options are available on request.

Full EN 12556-3 Certification

Designed and tested in accordance with BS EN12566-3:2005 and British Water Flows and Loads as well as being CE marked, the SOLIDO offers far better treatment standards than the required 20mg/l BOD; 30g/l SS and SS; mg/l NH3, whilst requiring signification less energy than most systems currently being produced in Europe.

EN 12556-3 Certification